Secondhand Smoke and Mirrors…the good, bad and the found

  • Secondhand clothes can be trash or treasure. To the sibling that is getting the older sibling’s clothes; secondhand sucks. To the thrifty shopper at the Goodwill that finds secondhand clothes that still have tags, it is a treasure!
  • Secondhand information can be dangerous. Rarely is this information given without alteration. Acting upon secondhand information frequently gets the orator in trouble.
  • Bikes — New models come out every year so you are likely to find great deals.
  • Textbooks — This is a great one as they are VERY expensive and yet have little use after the semester ends.
  • Children’s Clothes — I never really thought about it but it makes sense as a child grows at such a rapid rate that clothes and shoes are rarely “used” and therefore as received secondhand they are likely premium.
  • Wedding Attire — Well if done right a wedding gown is only worn once! And that likely can be said for formal wear of the bridal party or guests.
  • PETS! — This one caught me off guard but is soooo very true. Before shelling out money for a dog or cat, it is far more humane to adopt one that needs a loving home.
  • Homes in foreclosure — Savings abound!



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Lori Kiel

Lori Kiel


I am a hospitality executive with a love of writing as an expression of my journey through life.